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Thick, long, shiny hair care routine

Happy, sad, stressed, flirting, bored or just thinking, what ever she is doing their will be atleast one finger around her hair. We girls love our hair (only on our head) let it be short or long everyone wants it to be thick and shiny.

But due to hectic schedule it is not easy to take care of your hair on daily basis (though you should), so here I’m gonna spill out few simple things you can do to get those thick lustrous shiny hair!! Any skin or hair care routine requires patience, a time limit of atleast a month to see visible difference. Don’t expect a fairy to reverse the damage overnight..

wp-image-1851183136jpg.jpg1. First and the most important step ( the grandma’s nuska no 1) – Oiling. Oil your hair atleast once a week.

My oiling routine :
Mix a tablespoon of Castor oil, a teaspoon of Olive oil, coconut and almond oil. Mix it well and apply it on your scalp, from roots to the end. Massage for a while. You can even apply hot oil but see to it that you don’t heat the oil directly. Let it set on your hair for around 8 hours. So choose an off day or apply it before you are off to sleep. I prefer to do it at night and wash it off in the morning with a mild shampoo or follow the grandma’s nuska no 2.

2. If you have time and don’t want to use shampoo to get rid off the oil then here’s the next step. Wash your hair with hibiscus (showflower) leaves.
Pluck few hibiscus leaves and crush them enough to get a sticky texture (You can even form a paste in mixer but mind you it will get all messy). Once you are done, use it like you would use your shampoo.  This method is quite messy but sometimes chemical free is good.

uobapnn_k7w-roberta-sorge3. Always try to towel dry your hair and avoid dryer  as much as possible. While the hair is still damp, take 2 drops of castor oil, rub it on your finger tips and run it through your hair ( specially the ends). This nuska no 3, will keep it tangle free and give a shine without making it look oily.

Now that you know the Nuskas do it once a week for 2 months and you will thank me for the results.
Caution : Pls. make sure you are not allergic to any of the oil mentioned in the process.

My Experience: I used to get compliments for my hair during my teenage “Oh you have a nice thick hair” but after few years I noticed my hair quality is degrading, maybe due to the change in lifestyle and eating habits, I used to hardly take care, even combing was a rare incident. My nephew’s wedding got fixed and a wedding is a function where you wanna look tip top from top to bottom. That’s when I missed the volume in my hair and I started practising oiling method and saw a visible difference in my hair. Within the first four weeks itself I saw a shine in my hair, less hairfall and it quite thick. Now, I’m all happy and so is my hair 🙂 It hardly takes 10 mins for the application and massage and sparing 10 mins for your hair should not be a big deal.

Invest in your hair today to get compliments tomorrow!!



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