Benefits of including smoothie in your diet

Smoothie… Smoothies are so in trend now a days. Ask any fitness or health freak about smoothie and they will have their own version of smoothie stories. I, myself am in love with smoothies. Its healthy, tasty, supply me with all the nutrients I require and its the best way to kick start your day.

What is a Smoothie and how is it different from juice?

  • Smoothie is a blend of raw fruits and vegetables. They include dietary fibre which makes it thicker compare to a juice.
  • Smoothie is made of blending whole fruits and Vegetables whereas in a juice the liquid is extracted from  the whole fruit or vegetable.
  • Smoothie is a whole food in a semi liquid form and juicing discards the fiber.
  • One large glass of smoothie can replace your meal and can still make you feel full till the next meal. Juices are limiting. As fiber and few nutrients are extracted, it can make you hungry after an hour.
  • On a very active day, a smoothie can supply you with instant energy and keep you running whereas a juice can energise you but not for long.

Smoothies are easy to make. Can be made with fruits and vegetables of your choice, a mix and match of your favourites, you can even add protein powder if you are more into fitness, seeds, nuts you can add everything you love and just blend it to make a yummy recipe.

Health Benefits of Smoothies:

  1. Those who don’t prefer having raw vegetables and fruits can blend it and supply them self with all the nutrients and fiber in a go.
  2. Let your blender do the chewing and make it easy to digest.
  3. Quick supply of all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients.
  4. Helps in flushing out toxins and relief from constipation.
  5. Green smoothies are excellent source of minerals such as calcium, iron,magnesium and phosphorus for healthy bones. Women especially after the age of 30 are prone to Osteoporosis due to low bone density.
  6. Healthy diet reflects on your face. Clearer and radiant skin. As Smoothies helps in flushing out the toxins from your body, nutrients are easily absorbed and brings out the natural glow.
  7. After a regular intake of smoothies you find yourself inclined towards healthy food and less craving for junk foods.
  8. A healthy diet in the morning, gives a kick start, clears your mind, lowers anxiety, calms down your nerves, increase alertness and keeps you energised for a long time.

Stay Healthy. Stay Toxin Free.

Invest in your health today to get a compliment tomorrow!!



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