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DIY Rose facial toner!!

I hope by now all you pretty ladies out there know the 3 basic skin care regimen Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. To be honest, I used to skip the toning part till last year. ‘Yaar ek toning step skip kiya toh kaunsa skin kharab hoga’ (What difference will skipping a toning step make?) – my attitude till I noticed too many breakouts for no reason. After researching a bit I learnt why toning is the second and equally important step in skin care routine.

Why include it in your regimen now itself?
After cleansing, even though you might use the mildest cleanser, skin needs to be replenished. Its necessary to restore the pH level of the skin. This is where the toner plays an important role. It acts as an antioxidant, hydrates your skin, close the pores reducing the penetration of dirt or impurities and tightens your skin. It also removes any left over makeup traces. 9kaqdnt_mrc-frank-mckenna
So now that you know what wonders toning can do lets learn how to make a toner at home. Using a natural homemade toner is any day better than the one available in the market.


DIY Rose facial toner :
All you need is rose petals  (say around 1 rose) and distilled water.

  1. Wash the rose petals to clean off impurities if any.
  2. Add the petals in a milk pan. Pour the distilled water into it. Water just enough to cover the petals. Excess water will make it diluted.
  3. Heat the container on a low flame and cover it with a lid.
  4. Let it simmer for 15 mins or till the petals lose its colour.
  5. Strain the mixture. Discard the petals and store the solution in a spray bottle. (Make sure you have cleaned it properly before using it).
    After cleansing, spray a small amount all over your face and using a cotton pad just wipe it.

That’s it… your Rose facial toner is ready to use. and it costed you not more than Rs.20.
Include it in your daily routine and feel the difference.

Invest in your skin today to get compliments tomorrow!!



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