7 steps to a healthier YOU!!

‘ I’m gonna get fit this year ‘ , ‘Will join a gym’, ‘Exercise it is!’, ‘No more drinks’ etc.. I’m sure everyone at some or the other point made it their new year resolution but how many of you have stick to it?  Sticking to your resolution is tough but stay motivated and think why you thought of starting at the first place.

Healthy living is not limited to your physical appearance or fitness, mental health is also equally important. Many a times mental and physical health are linked together. Maintaining a balance between both is important for a healthy lifestyle.

How to stick to your healthy living resolution?

  1. Stay Motivated : Every time you think of quitting or delaying / postpone the task, think of why you started it at the first place or the thought behind starting it. No one can motivate you more than you yourself.
  2. Keep a track : Make a list or maintain a dairy of to do check list. It will keep you updated of the things to do and give you a time check too.rcowmc8qf8a-crew Check the list every 4 hrs to remind you about the things. Tick mark the finished tasks, this will indirectly motivate you to complete the remaining ones.
  3. Planning : Planning your day in advance is a good habit. If your motto is to exercise the next day, plan accordingly and keep your tracksuits, shoes etc.. ready  a night before. It will make it easier for you the next day and also keep the spirit of completing the task.
  4. Research : Read books, articles, watch videos about healthy living to keep your mind glued to it. Watching or reading about the topic will make you more interested in the topic.
  5. Start step by step : Make a list of tasks and start including it in your daily routines one by one. Trying to jump in and do it all at once might work for few days but get you bored in the long run. So take it slow and make it stay.
  6. Positive environment : Spend time with people who follow the same lifestyle. It will keep you motivated and also a good source to discuss your shortcomings. You will get to learn something new every time and it will keep your running.
  7. Pair up: Ask your partner or best friend to join in your task. Do it together, share your routines, talk about and motivate each other. This will not only help you keep going but will also make it fun and let you spend more time with each other.

Now that you know how to keep going, lets checkout the 7 basic things to start a healthy living –

  1. Water / Paani / Vellam /Taneer / Neeru : Drink it!! ‘Drink lot of water ‘ you must be heard it since childhood from your parents, science teacher and if you are an Indian then from your uncles & aunts too.. Our body is made up of 75% water (Varies with size). Almost every cell in your body needs water to function properly so keep yourself hydrated.
  2. Exercise : To maintain the healthy body weight one should exercise daily. Exercise not only helps in physical development but also mental strength by releasing stress. Exercising helps in boosting energy level, happiness level, reduces the risk of diseases, increases memory power, better sleep and lot more. Exercise for atleast 30 mins a day and feel the difference. phigyugqpvu-bruno-nascimento
  3. Smoothie / Juice : Include a smoothie or juice in your breakfast instead of replacing it with breakfast. A smoothie or juice helps in detoxifying and thus maintaining a good health. It also provides with instant energy and people who don’t prefer eating raw fruits/ vegetables, smoothies and juice are a good option. It also makes your skin glow, now that’s one more good reason to include it in your diet.
  4. A walk in the sun : Having sun bath early in the morning is the best source of Vitamin D. It helps in killing the bad bacteria, increases stamina and muscular development. Healthy body and healthy mind.. Early morning rays, birds chirping will sooth your mind. It helps to cure depression.
  5. Eat fresh : Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is important for good health. They supply with more nutrients when served fresh.dfitzyl3qi0-monstruo-estudio Intake more of bright colour fruits and vegetables as they are usually high in antioxidants and hence remove free radicals that damage our body. Processed food have added preservatives and also less in nutritional value.
  6. Spend time with yourself : Make it a point to spend atleast 5- 10 mins with yourself in a day. Leave behind the work, stress, drama etc.. and just talk to yourself. Compliment yourself. Congratulate yourself. Love yourself. Remember no one can love yourself more than you. Only you can upgrade and degrade yourself.
  7. Sleep : Most important and my favourite step. Proper sleep at proper time is required for proper functioning of your physical and mental health. The new generation mantra is sleep when your phone battery dies which might seem quite cool for now but not in the long run. Try to sleep at a proper time (early), you might not feel sleepy the first 4-5 days but once your body gets used to it, you will notice instant results.

So when are you taking the first step?

Invest in your health today to get a compliment tomorrow!!


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