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Oil Cleansing – One of the best cleansing method for beautiful skin

Nope I’m not crazy nor there is any typo error.. Yes, Oil for cleansing to achieve that beautiful skin naturally. And yes it is suitable for all skin types.. even OILY and ACNE prone skin. Don’t freak out, I will tell you how, why and answer all the questions running through your mind.

During my teenage and college days, I never had bad breakouts only a pimple or 2 during my menstrual cycle and thats normal. I mostly had clear skin but then in my mid- 20’s woahh my skin went crazy like anything. Hormonal changes, eating habits, pollution etc.. my skin started breaking out, acne all over and the worst acne scars. After trying a lot of products, I came across this Oil cleansing method. Like everyone else I was curious as well as scared to try it out. But after a lot of researching and as I like replacing market products with natural ones, I thought of going ahead with it.

What is Oil Cleansing ?

Oil cleansing method (OCM) goes by the simple formula of oil dissolves oil. A proper massage with suitable oils helps in dissolving the oil stuck in the pores along with dirt and impurities. It helps to achieve clear skin by treating acne, scars, removing whiteheads and blackheads. It not only cleanse but also moisturises your skin making it look healthy.

How to do oil cleansing?

People who have tried it have their own recipe,mix and match of oils, I am gonna share mine that worked for me. I started off with using Castor oil and Olive oil in the ratio 1:2 as I have a bit dry skin. You actually need to work on the proportion of the oil as to what suits your skin. Castor oil tends to dry your skin so I mixed it with Olive oil. And it worked for me. Always go for pure cold pressed oil for skin care. I used oils by Soulflower.

  1. Mix the oil in the required proportion that suits your skin. It might take a while to know the proper blend. I used a pump container, it made it so easy for me to store & use as well. img_20161118_004504
  2. Take a generous amount, rub it on your palms and then on your face like you would do with your face wash. You don’t need to wet your face before the process.
  3. Massage it into your skin for 2 mins (If I’m not in a hurry then I massage it for around 5 mins). Let your cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, eyes and lips feel the oil massage.
  4. Dip a clean towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess water and place it on your face, giving your face a nice steam of 30 secs.
  5. I repeat the steam process for 2-3 times. It helps in removing the excess oil  and dirt easily and steaming makes me feel so relaxed. Make sure its not too hot to irritate your skin.
  6. Once your done, wipe your face with the towel or a cotton pad/ tissue. And you are done!!

I once forgot to carry my pump while travelling so I did experiment with pure coconut oil and it was good too.. So its all about oils, you can use a singe oil or mix match. I have seen people using Hazelnut oil, sunflower oil but keeping castor oil as their base oil. I haven’t used it so I won’t talk much about it.

Why I chose to stick with Oil cleansing method (OCM)?

  1. Initially I had 2-3 more breakouts but I did expect it. When you change your pattern, your skin reacts but that didn’t last for more than 3-4 days.  Even during the breakouts I felt good about my skin. It felt alive after a long time. A freshness. I was all positive about this. img_20161120_231954
  2. OCM not only saved my skin but also money. I saved a lot on makeup removers. It acts as a makeup remover and easily cleans off the waterproof mascara too. So it saved my time and cut down 2 process of cleansing. 🙂
  3. Within the 2nd week I started seeing a difference in my acne and scars too. Less to no breakouts and visible difference in  stubborn acne scars. It actually lightened them. I thought I will have to live with it for a very long time but tada its almost gone  ðŸ˜€
  4. Reduced fine lines on my skin. I have a very bad habit of sleeping on my chest because of which my skin is all pushed and chances of wrinkles are more. But this process has reduced the lines and make me feel a lot younger.
  5. It gave me the confidence to go out without makeup. I felt so good my skin that I didn’t mind walking around with a nude face (though it wasn’t a complete even toned one). Its all about how you feel and I was very happy with my skin specially in the morning, waking up to a clean happy face.
  6. I haven’t used any face wash /soap after switching to OCM.

Ps: Try to avoid using soap/ face wash during this process or it will make the process of cleaning in and out a bit longer. Remember no fairy or cream can do wonders overnight, give it a bit time as natural process do take a bit long but works wonders.
Do not try this method if you are allergic to any of the oils mentioned above. 

Invest in your skin today to get compliments tomorrow!!




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