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13 Amazing Benefits of Castor Oil For Skin & Hair

One of my all time favourite ingredient from my Grandma’s recipe is castor oil… From kitchen to wounds she used it for anything and everything. I used to be surprised as she used the same oil for cooking, oiling my hair, on cuts and scars, bathing etc… but now after seeing the effects I have added it in all my recipes too.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from castor seeds. It is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamin E and other nutrients. It is pale yellow in colour and has a distinct odor. Always opt for Organic, cold pressed virgin castor oil for beauty benefits.

Benefits of Castor Oil:

  1. Cleansing : Oil cleansing method is one of most natural way to cleanse your skin. This method is suitable for all skin types. Yes, even acne prone skin. Castor Oil is mostly used as a primary oil which helps in pulling out the impurities from the skin. It cleanse the pores and bacteria naturally .
  2. Thickens eyelashes and eyebrows : Apply a generous amount of castor oil on your lashes to get thick black lashes. You can even mix castor oil and aloe vera gel and apply it for better results. Include it in your night skin care routine, practice it for 2 weeks to see visible results. Castor oil contains the proteins, minerals and fatty acids that nourishes the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Dab it on your eyebrows for thick eyebrows. 9fzcbfucmxi-allef-vinicius
  3. Dark circles and under eye fine lines : Castor oil penetrates deep into the skin. The natural fatty acids rejuvenates the skin and fade the dark circles. It reduces fine lines as it stimulates the production of collagen.  Take a drop of castor oil on your 4th finger (make sure you cleanse your hands)and dab it under your eyes. Keep it overnight and wash and pat dry the next morning. Repeat it until you get rid of it.
  4. Moisturises : Moisturise your skin with castor oil. Take a small drop of castor oil. Rub it on your finger tips and run it through your face to use it as a natural moisturiser. take a generous amount for rest of the body parts.
  5. Lips : To get rid of the chapped and dark lips, apply a small of amount of castor oil on your lips and massage it. Within 2-3 days your lips will be all smooth and crack free. Though it will take a week for lighten the dark lips.
  6. Sunburns : A few drops of Castor oil on sunburn will help in rejuvenate the skin and heals the damage caused by sun. Mix few drops of coconut oil to help it heal faster.
  7. Stretch marks : This is one amazing use of castor oil. Applying castor oil on stretch marks reduces the marks and makes your skin soft and supple. Its no an overnight treatment but applying it daily can give you visible results naturally. Massage it on your marks and wash it off the next day.
  8. Rashes : Due to its anti inflammatory and antibacterial  property, it works on rashes instantly. Rashes due to new skin products, insect bites and minor injury can be treated quickly.
  9. Nails : For healthy and quick nail growth, massage castor oil on the cuticles daily. Anti fungal properties keep it bacteria free and promotes growth. Being rich in Vitamin E it also makes it shiny. qghulqyh3ne-david-cohen
  10. Wrinkles : Being an anti oxidant, dabbing it on wrinkles, fines lines under eyes, on hands, feet and other body parts helps in slowing down the ageing signs.
  11. Acne & Scars : Castor oil works wonders on acne & scars. It drys out the acne. Its anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties treats the scars too.
  12. Hair Growth and Dandruff solution : Rich in Omega fatty acid, it penetrates deep into the pores and hair follicles promoting hair growth.  It helps in clearing off the dandruff due to the anti fungal properties. It restores the pH level of the scalp, lessens the impact of pollution and sun.
  13. Prevent pre-mature grey hair : The Omega-3 fatty acids in castor oil prevents greying of hair. It locks in the moisture and hence keeping it dark for a longer time.

Caution : Before using Castor oil make sure you are not allergic to castor oil. Try it on a patch and then include it in your regimen. 

Invest in yourself today to get compliments tomorrow!!


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