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4 DIY Lip Scrubs For Ready To Kiss Lips

I’m back!! This time with something I’m obsessed with – Lip care. No matter what time of the day or night it is you will always find my lips concealed by a lip balm… I’m literally obsessed with it. I hate chapped lips (Everyone does). Matte look is so in and matte and chapped lips is a big disaster.

I have noticed people having chapped lips even in summer.. strange! So today I’m gonna share how to keep your lips kiss ready all the time :*  :* :*

Before the scrub recipe few tips on lip care:

1. While applying sunscreen, do not forget about your lips. bcjdbykwquw-kristina-flour They are also exposed to UV Rays so please next time don’t forget.
2. Apply a lip balm even if you are at home. Moisturise your lips baby!! (Will come up with a DIY Lip Balm soon… so keep following).
3. While selecting a lip balm make sure it contains Vitamin E in it. SPF 15 then thumbs up!!

DIY Lip Scrubs :

  1. Strawberry Scrub :  This is my all time favourite coz I love strawberries. It is tough to resist not to eat.
    Ingredients :  Crushed strawberry, granulated white sugar honey or olive oil
    Process : Mix it Mix it Mix it and apply on your fingers with your fingers. After a minute or 2 of application, gently rub it with your fingers to exfoliate. Take your own time and play around with your lips. Use a clean wet cloth to remove the scrub and here’s your happy lips 😀  Exfoliate your lips atleast once a week or whenever you feel they are chapped.
  2. Browny Dip : I usually prefer doing this before a day out or when I’m running late for an event and notice flaky lip. It is an instant fix.djrg1vb1pw-alexandru-zdrobau
    Ingredients : Brown sugar & olive oil.
    Process : Mix brown sugar and olive oil. Do not mix it too much or the sugar will melt. Apply it on your lips and rub it gently with your fingers. Leave it for a minute and then wipe it off with a warm cloth or a wet tissue. Dab a bit of olive oil to give it a glossy look.
  3. Beet Scrub :  A scrub which leaves a tint.
    Ingredients : A thin slice of Beet and coconut oil
    Process : Cut a thin slice of beet or you can even grate it. Add few drops of coconut oil and let it set on your lips. Move the beet in a circular motion to exfoliate the lips and wipe it off with a wet tissue. This will give a nice soft pink lips.
  4. Cinnamon Scrub :  An awesome scrub if you want pink, soft and plump lips. It will mildly give a tingling sensation but won’t do any harm to your lips.
    Ingredients : Cinnamon and honey
    Process : Mix a pinch of cinnamon and honey. Use honey enough to make it a not to thick nor running mixture. Exfoliate with the mix for a minute and eave it for 2 mins. With a warm wet cloth clean your lips and enjoy the Pink plump :*

Extra Tip : You can exfoliate with your toothbrush too… After brushing, gently run your brush on your lips and your lips feel fresh and pink!!

Try it and let me know your favourite scrub.. Happy  Lips!!

Invest in your skin today to get compliments tomorrow!!


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