Tips to deal with PMS

If a Guy is reading this, I urge him to read it till the end and share it with all the lovely ladies in his life without any shame… show them you are concerned.

PMS – Premenstrual syndrome, Boys/Men you don’t know how lucky you are as you don’t need to actually feel the mental and physical pain. The pain during the menstrual cycle is what we girls go through from the age of 12 ( varies from person to person) tim-marshall-114623 every month till the age of 45-50 and it is not at all easy to deal with it.

Pain killers are a very good if you want instant relief but anything thats instant makes you pay in the future so I avoid taking pain killers and follow natural methods.

During my teenage, I never had severe pain as such pre or during my menstrual cycle but growing up, my body system went through lot of changes I guess and damn.. since then screaming in pain every month. I start getting pains almost a week before my menstrual cycle. Back ache, leg pain and irregular periods is a pain in your ass.. I remember, I once tore my blanket cause I was not able to handle it. My mom locked me and went to the neighbouring as she didn’t wanted people to think that I’m screaming because of her torturing me.

Everyone goes through different issues, I will discuss mine and how I tried to prevent PMS:

PMS symptoms :
1. Pain in lower back & thighs
2. Cramps in lower abdomen 
3. Dizziness
4. Headaches
5. Bloating
6. Vomiting kyyxepfp3qy-alexander-mils
7. Nausea

How I tried to prevent PMS : 

  1. Food: The food we intake plays an important role in PMS. Avoid alcohol and smoking. and intake food with nutrients in it. Intake of the below list of foods is what helped me.
  • Black Sesame seeds :  Black sesame seeds helped to great extent. I Included them in my smoothies, made sesame ladoo (sweet dish) and sprinkled them on my salads.
  • Ginger : Intake of ginger showed instant results. I used to chew a piece of ginger if in severe pain and it helped. Include ginger in your diet days before you menstrual cycle, it really helps. You can add it in your tea, detox water or just sprinkle a bit in your curry.
  • Parsley : I’m not a tea person so I prefer having parsley boiled in water and drink it. Sounds weird but it is a relief when you have it.
  • Dark chocolate : Cocoa helps in relaxing your muscles so even if you are craving for sweet chocolate go for bitter ones.
  • Pumpkin seeds : Just roast them and chew it.
  • Millet : Having a bowl of millet during the menstrual cycle gives energy and boosts the mood. I mix a spoon of millet powder in water and boil it. Add salt to taste and drink it. It doesn’t taste good at all but I take it as a medicine.

2. Exercise : Exercise increases blood circulation kfcdflbu6za-christopher-campbell which helps to relieve menstrual cramps. Exercise on a regular basis it releases stress. Stress is also a reason for PMS. Even if it pains try to walk as much as possible.

3. Hot water pad : This is one remedy because of which I could survive the pain all these years. Keep your hot water pad handy.

4. Do what you love : Being around people you love or doing what makes you happy is also a key to no PMS.

Disclaimer : I’m not a doctor and have no scientific proofs or theories attached. These tips worked for me and few friends. It helped me a lot so sharing it.

Girls if you face the same and have a different solution to it, please do share it XOXO

Invest in your health today to get a compliment tomorrow!!


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