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Blur to focus!

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Hello Lovely Readers,

(MY first post for daily prompt)

“Ohh, You are visiting an old age home? Great yaar (buddy)”, considered to be a great work by most of them but ask them to join, you will only receive cheques. Who will dirty their hands, I’m paying right.. thats more than enough will be the answer.

I’m not an active social worker but I do it whenever possible not by donating money but being physically there for them. Whereas many appreciate it some don’t. During my college days many used to tease me.. whats wrong with you, choosing a day out with oldies and not us? I would still choose to go out with oldies.

I love spending time with my friends, partying and I do it very often. But a day spent at old age home gives me peace. You know what gives me peace, happiness? Its their smile. A day from your daily life means a lot for them. Someone visiting them… spending time with them.. listening to them.

Their kids whom they brought up, educated, loved them more than anyone left them in the hands of few supervisors at an old age home. They take care of the money thats it. Is that what they deserve? If they would have prioritised them self and not their up bringing then?

Maybe because I visited them, spent time with them, I could connect and feel a heart inside me and that’s what made me decide when I grow up and my parents grow older, I would BLUR other things if my parents demand to be focused.

– The Selfie Skin



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