Breaking the wall

Hola amazing people!!

How many of you have a relationship with yourself? How many of you love yourself? Did you dare to do something you think you can’t coz people actually injected in you that its not your cup of tea?

Think about it!

Ahhh!! I recently asked myself these questions. Thank god I did.

In the course of life, you meet different type of people each day..each stage of life. Some stick around while others play their role and leave. Your family, friends, society affects your thought process, they influence you, sometime for good and sometime to teach you a lesson.

I  WAS someone who used to get affected easily, I would put others needs above mine (most of the times), emotionally inclined and someone who would get upset easily. But now its a thing of the past. I still love others but love myself more, I listen to others opinion but make my decision and I’m still emotional but not emotionally insane. I don’t let others upset me… only I have the power to do so.

Starting a blog… people around me weren’t confident or excited about me starting it. “What would you write about?” ” You need to have a hand in writing..” ” Its an art not everyone can do it and specially you , someone who is least interested in reading” etc… And I also started believing it.. accepted that this is not my cup of tea.

I wasn’t confident about myself… I degraded myself so much and thats a SHAME on me. Yes, I agree I’m not someone who masters in writing but how can I accept it just because few minds think so? Accept I’m not good without even trying ?  And it wasn’t just about blogging.. many things in my life were left undone because others made me believe that I can’t. I’m to be blamed for this, I gave them the power to do so.

After days of thinking and fighting with myself, I decided to start a blog. I wasn’t sure about what it will be about but I wanted to start one. My sister asked me to think about a topic , take my time and then go ahead with it. But I knew, if I delay maybe this fire might fizz out and I didn’t wanted that to happen. So finally I googled and made one here at wordpress. I can’t express my happiness in words…felt like I achieved something really big. Won a fight against myself.

I wasn’t concerned about if I would get views, likes or followers.. I was happy about the fact that I did something, something that I thought I can’t do. (Honestly, the views, likes, share and follows makes me feel fab, special, the feeling of being appreciated is like.. I hope you can understand).

Started working on my page, after a lot of thinking about what to write, DIY beauty treatments strike my mind. I have been doing this since childhood, I was quite famous among my friends & family for the same. Health – in the last 2yrs of my life I turned health conscious.. transformed myself a lot so thought why not write about things I know..things I experienced, things that made me a better person.

So here I’m writing this blog and asking you to go ahead and BREAK THE WALL!!

Listen to your heart and not others. Try things, if you fail, you will definitely learn something. 

Do what you love, love what you do!!

Invest in yourself today to get compliments tomorrow!!


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