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DIY Coffee serum for dark circles & finelines

In a coffee shop, while sipping a cup of coffee, you see the man of your dreams. Your eyes meet but errrr… instead of your eyes, the only thing he could see on your face was your puffy dark circles. Do you wanna meet your Mr. Perfect with dark circles & puffy eyes?? Of course No..!

A eye roll on can help you with it. Indulging in a proper eye care routine can save you from such disaster. Makeup and chemical beauty products can help  smgbnmcxwlu-alexandru-zdrobauyou hide/ cover it but not helpful in the long run. Chillax! I have a tried and tested solution for this – Coffee serum!
Why buy one when you can make one

Why Coffee serum ?
1. Coffee extracts targets puffiness and discoloration.
2. Serum being light easily gets absorbed thus giving faster results.
3. Coffee serum contains caffeine which improves circulation and plumps up the skin. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and tightens it.
4. It also helps constrict blood vessels to reduce puffiness.
5. It has antioxidant properties too.

DIY Coffee Serum :

Ingredients : Ground Coffee, Sweet Almond oil & Vitamin E oil


  1.  In a clean glass jar (small), add the ground coffee and t895lypu1ec-irene-cocosweet almond oil.
  2. Mix it and let it infuse for a week. Keep it away from sunlight.
  3. After a week, with the help of a cheese cloth separate the coffee and oil.
  4. Pour the oil in a bowl. Mix 4-5 drops of vitamin E. You can also add few drops of castor oil (exceptional)
  5. Mix it well and store it in a roll on. A one with steal is preferable. If not, store it in a pump or drop bottle.
  6. Apply the serum under your eyes with a roll on or using the fourth finger as it is the most gentle one. Include it in your night routine and wake up to happy eyes.

Along with the application of serum for dark circles, proper sleep is also recommended.

Try this coffee serum and get rid of the unwanted dark circles and fine lines!!

Invest in your skin today to get compliments tomorrow!!



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