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…… but she made me glitter!!

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One best memory of childhood was to visit native place during summer vacation. All relatives used to gang up at grandma’s (Mom’s mom) place and destroy the peace & silence. Grandma used to stay in Kerala, in the interiors of a small village in Calicut district with my uncle’s 2 kids and wife. People in the surrounding used to hardly hear any voice from her house.But during summer vacation, all my 11 cousins and the family used to gang up and scare people with their laughter.It was fun and the best moments of my life.

After my granny ‘s (Dad’s mom) death in 2004, I became more close to my grandma. She was one strong lady who brought up 6 children with all the best facilities, got them married and all this on her own. I never got a chance to see either of my grandpas. I started learning things for her and even had plans to settle down with her after my studies. Brought up in Mumbai, the night life, freedom and then shifting to a small village was not less than a night mare but I didn’t mind sacrificing it for my grandma. Its not that we didn’t wanted to take her to Mumbai, she being an independent women and her sentiments for the house never allowed her.

Grandma with my cousins

It was my Grandma’s 70th birthday, I called up all my uncles and aunts and asked them to come down and celebrate and make it special for her. And it happened, invited all her siblings, their children.. the whole family was there.. around 60 people I guess. For the first time, I saw the child in her. The reactions when she received gifts, the eagerness to open them, the cake cutting… she loved it all.  And that glitter in her eyes made me feel happy. At least I could do something for her.

Days after her birthday, while leaving for my dad’s place a lady from neighbourhood notice I wasn’t wearing earrings. She commented on it. I was a person who was away from ornaments and all. When the lady commented my grandma didn’t like it. She asked me to wear one, just when I was about to wear it, my cousin said “Do you see these earrings? Grandma gifted me”. I was super jealous and said I will wear a earring only if you gift me one. It wasn’t her fault, year ago she asked me what I want and I asked for anklet and my cousin asked for earrings. But I was in the jealous mode so I declared , you love her more and I won’t wear till she gifts me. I just said it  without any hard feelings. Days later vacation got over & I headed for Mumbai.

Months later, on Sept 25th, she passed away without any illness. A stroke and my world stopped. I couldn’t believe it nor handle it. I was broken. Closed myself. A month later my Uncle gave me a pair of gold earrings and said this was her last wish. While having lunch that day, she handed me cash and asked to buy one for you. ” If I don’t gift her, she might actually not wear, so buy one for her”, I couldn’t stop my tears.

My words must have hurt her deep down, she passed away  but she made me glitter.


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