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Oil Pulling Technique…. my experience after 3 weeks of Oil pulling

Heard a lot about oil pulling and thought of giving it a try. I belong to India, and oil pulling is primarily ayurvedic medicine but honestly I came to know about it from a friend in US. Oil pulling is considered to be one of the best way for oral detoxification, promote healthy teeth & gums. Like always, I researched on it, pros cons and then decided to go ahead and try it.

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic practice of swishing oil in your mouth just like using mouthwash. It is primarily done to improve oral health but it also draws out toxins out of body making it clean and bacteria (unwanted ones) free.

How to do oil pulling :

  1. Do it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach  before drinking water or brushing.
  2. Take a spoonful of oil (I prefer coconut oil) and gently swish it in the mouth for 10 – 20 mins. Make sure you don’t swallow it as it contains toxins.
  3. After 20 mins, spit it out. (Do not spit in a sink, it clogs the drain. Experience)
  4. If the taste irritates you, wash your mouth with rock salt water. It helps to get rid of the taste. Soothing it is!
  5. Brush your teeth normally and you are done.

My experience with Oil Pulling :

Honestly, first day I was bored of swishing it for 10 mins itself maybe because I was swishing vigorously. Second day, I took it slow… swished gently and indulged in making my smoothie during the process. And to my surprise, I didn’t realise it was already 20 mins. 😀  Its been 3 weeks now and almost used to it.pa0vicn6dwe-allef-vinicius

  1. Whiter teeth :  I never had issues with my teeth as such but found it to be lot more whiter than earlier.
  2. Fresh breath : Fresh breath without using a mouth wash.. Great!
  3. Clear & glowing skin : My skin cleared off in the first week itself. It might sound weird but I noticed a glow on my face from the very second day.
  4. Energised : Not sure if it was because of oil pulling but I started feeling more active. My friend also agreed to this.
  5. Bleeding gums : I used to experience bleeding in my gums(sometimes), which stopped eventually.
  6. Relief from headaches : I never had severe headaches but when working for long hours, I do experience it. I noticed a change in it. But according to my friend (who has headache almost everyday) it helped her a lot. She believes her daily headache issue was turning into a mild one.

I’m definitely going to stick to this technique.. Lol looks like I’m getting obsessed with Oils. But trust me guys its really good, should give it a try.

Invest in your health today to get a compliment tomorrow!!


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