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Dad.. A Girls Favourite Hideout

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

*sound* ” What’s that?” “a glass fell down”
“Girls of today’s generation can’t even handle a glass…”, said the mother in law.

After a tiring day at work come home and do all the daily chores of cleaning and cooking, not a single word of appreciation but drop a glass and you will hear someone calling out your name. After serving the dinner, washing the dishes and cleaning the table just when you are about to share your day’s experience, the housemates are all set to sleep.

Sitting in the balcony, memories flashed… I never used to enter the kitchen at my place. Mom I need food, mom my clothes, mom this.. mom that.. I was the princess there. Occasionally mom used to lecture about learning household works and I used to make a face and run away… away to the man who was my saviour.. my strength.. my hero.. my DAD. And he would say, she will learn when the time comes, let her enjoy till then. My princess he would say.

Miss you my HIDEOUT!!



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