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13 Amazing Skin & Body Hacks for Instant Fix

Hello awesome people.. wassup??

Hope you all had an amazing valentine’s week & enjoying February to the fullest….

Today I’m gonna share few quick & simple beauty and body hacks… I’m sure you will thank me for this!

Hacks Hacks Hacks ….

  1. Hair tip : So if you are running late, no time to wash your hair but your hair is bit greasy, you just need to do this.. Put some talc powder / baby powder on your makeup brush (choose the brush depending on your hair volume) and just dab it on your head.. you can dab it inside also , where ever you feel greasy and then with the h3vr1f8-cai-brooke-caglehelp of your finger tips rub it through. and your done. Make your favourite hairstyle and you are all set.
  2. Pin it up : If you are among the ones who prefer bobby pins ( Bobby pins are so sexy & amazing.. for me at least) for your hair then let me tell you the correct way to use it. The curly/ shorter part should go inside your hair, this gives it a perfect grip.
    You can also cross it with one more pin to make it firmer. Make sure you form an ‘X’ with it.
  3. Colour it : If your bobby pins are getting old and you see its colour coming out then simply paint it with your nail paint. Select a colour of your choice and its all brand new!! In this way you can even match it with your hair colour. 😀
  4. Wake up your eyes : It happens to me a lot of time that I wake up with red eyes and they make me look I’m drunk 😛  So a quick hack for it is that take a nude pencil eyeliner and draw it under your eyes and the redness is gone.
  5.  Puffy eyes : I’m not a tea or a caffeine person but to avoid those bags around my eyes I look for green tea bags. Make yourself a green tea and enjoy it, it will make you feel fresh and now use those tea bags for your eyes.. cool it for a while and later use it on your eyes to get rid of the puffiness.
  6. Instant glow : Don’t throw the used green tea bags, you can use them more… tear off the pack and place it a bowl. Add a spoon of curd in it. Mix it well and apply it on your face. Leave it for 5- 10 mins and wash it off with cold water. You can also add honey to it.
  7. Exfoliate : A quick body exfoliate tip is grab some rock salt & baby oil / coconut oil and give your body a nice scrub. You will see the the glow as soon as you are done.
  8. Refresh your makeup : Lock this tip cause its gonna help you a lot . If its a friends wedding or office party after office and you tf7xsbkplkg-neal-kharawalaneed to do look fresh but no time to do your complete makeup routine, don’t worry. Leave your make up as it is and take a small drop of a very light moisturiser , rub it on your palms and then on your face. It will already give a nice dewy look. And now just touch up the parts you want to.
  9. Spray your hair : When someone hugs you , they kinda smell your hair so this is a quick tip for that  ‘ Woaah , your smells so nice’ compliment. Spray a bit of perfume on your palms and just rub it on your hair.. specially the ends. And your done. One other alternative for this is, you can spray it on your brush and comb your hair.
  10. Freshen up your look : Specially during Summer, when you are all tired and sweaty just grab a face & body mist , spray it for an instant fresh look.( * DIY face & body mist post coming soon *) e6fcnpur53a-i-m-priscilla
  11. Wear your lipstick longer : Once you are done with putting on your lipstick. Hold a tissue on your lips and dust translucent powder over it. Some will get through the tissue to your lips. This will make it last longer.
  12. Fix your feet : Weekend night and you notice unhealthy feet, here’s what you can do to fix it. Wash your feet properly (Scrub it if time permits) pat it dry and apply some moisturiser on it and cover it up with your socks. Walk around.. do all all you makeup and dressing. Remove the socks when your about to leave 🙂
  13. Smelly shoes : All set to leave and smelly shoes? Eeewwhh.. its a big turnoff. A quick fix to – put some baby powder / talc powder into your shoes and just shake it shake it shake it. Wholaa.. the smell is gone.

Try these hacks and you can thank me when you get compliments ❤

If you have any other hacks pls let me know in the comments below!!

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Invest in your skin today to get a compliment tomorrow!!


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