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15 Ways To De stress Your Body and Mind

STRESS – We all have been through it . Mild, moderate and largeee amount of it, different stages, different reasons and different levels but we all have experienced it. This is quite funny that now a days 11 year old kids update their status ‘Stressed’, ‘broken’ etc.. But yes, they must stressed about studies… (I hope thats the only reason)

What is stress?

When we face a certain situation or perceived danger our body creates energy. So stress is a way of our body to create energy but when the excess energy is not able to release itself, it becomes a stress. Stress is not always bad. There are times when you are in danger, stressed and you actually give your best shot. At times we face emotional stress which if not let out can be a problem. lea-dubedout-143377

Reasons behind stress varies from person to person. Something my friend is stressing on won’t be a cause of stress for me. Stress can be related to school, college, work, relationship, future etc..

Honestly, my friends & parents think I don’t stress at all but the truth is I do.. I’m just good at hiding it 🙂 Sometimes that backfires. I keep it inside and then a layer of stress builds up and finally I’m not able to think .. I just take the stress to a different level.

How to DE STRESS yourself ?

Sharing few ways to de stress and get back your normal self:

  1. Water : Drink a glass of water. All our organs including our brains need water. Water helps them to function properly.
  2. Take a deep breath : Yes, you must have heard it a lot but now its time to do it. Deep breathes makes one feel calm and relax.
  3. Cut off : Now this is something you should do once in a while even if you are not stressed and that is cut off yourself from the digital world. Put your phone on flight mode / silent/ switch off. Sometimes cutting off yourself helps in finding yourself. Spend time with yourself.
  4. Exercise / Walk : Exercise helps in releasing stress. kfcdflbu6za-christopher-campbell It helps in proper functioning of brains and hence help you out. If you are not into exercise then make it a habit, it will help you in the long run. If not exercise (for the time being) go out for a walk. Walking releases stress & you get to spend time with yourself. Talk it out to yourself and calm down.
  5. Nature / babies : A walk towards nature helps in making you feel better emotionally. It reduces blood pressure, heart rate, releases tension, and reduces the production of stress hormones.  If you are somewhere far away from nature bliss then babies can help you feel the same. Their laughter is just pure magic.
  6. Green tea : Green tea contains lessannie-spratt-37787 caffeine and promotes state of calm awareness.
  7. Soothing music : It is an effective stress management tool. It connects to our emotions and  helps to calm the body.
  8.  Hot bath : Hot bath relax tired muscles. Adding essential oils will give a calm and relaxing feel. Soak yourself and enjoy.
  9. Food : Food do bust out stress. No, alcohol is not a solution. Dark chocolate, munch on some fruits and veggies. Salads are best.
  10. Hobby / passion : Do something that you like. Crafts, dance, gardening, play your fav sports. This will make you happy and lift your mood.
  11. Write it down : Take a paper and pen, yes I insistluca-bravo-190269 paper & pen and not your phone or any other gadget and write down whatever you feel. Even if it doesn’t make sense write it down. It will remove half of the stress.
  12. Catch up with your best friend or a complete stranger : Call up your best friend and talk it out. Best friends are meant to listen to all your stuffs and make you feel better even if they don’t have a solution.. If not talk to a complete stranger, sometimes strangers heal more than a friend.
  13. Dress up : Okay I know dressing  up might feel weird but try it. Dressing up boosts your moods. And this works for guys too.. Put on your fav jacket tee and feel the difference.
  14. Meditate : Meditation is one of the best way to de stress yourself.
  15. Say it loud : Think of a positive thought or 5 things about yourself or things you want to achieve it and say it loud. Be loud & clear.
  16.  And if all these doesn’t work go through my blogs, divert your mind and you can even mail me 😀  ( Just promoting :P)

So these are the few tips to de stress yourself. Well even if you aren’t stressed , I think its good to follow these steps once in a while. 

Enjoy your life, plan about tomorrow but live in the moment!!

Invest in your health today to get a compliment tomorrow!!





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