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Daily Summer Skin Care Essentials for Flawless Skin

Hello Everyone!!

March is here!! Supa excited as in India march is celebrated as the festival of colours-Holi 😀  Not to forget with March comes summer season.. though I love summer season because of vacation & its Mango season too but thinking about the hot sun , tan, sweat etc.. my mood just goes off a bit.

Last year I experimented a lot with my skin during summer and finally I got the results I was waiting for. Many of them do have this question as to why different skin care routine?  As the the climate changes, our body & skin also undergoes changes. Winter is cold and tends to make our skin dry  whereas in summer its sunny so mostly we tend to tan and sweat. Cleansing methods or products used during summer might not deliver the same results during winter. Same with other skin care routines and products.


Daily Summer Skin Care Essentials : 

  1. Hydrate : This is a season where bodies tend to dehydrate a lot. There are times when one might not feel thirsty but the body demands water. So make it a habit to drink as much as water as possible.  It will keep your skin hydrated & will keep you away from looking dead.
  2. Cleansing : Cleaning your face is one essential step for all seasons. Cleanse our face twice a day to remove the dirt, impurities from your face. Cleansing products used in winter might not suit for summer season so switch to the correct one and help your skin. During summer go with mild products.. a foaming cleanser. I prefer oil cleansing method, for my skin (combination, acne prone skin).
  3. Toner : Applying a toner after cleansing is an important step which people often tend to skip. Toning removes any left over dirt and is also anti bacterial which helps to treat acne & scars. My 3 favourite toners (DIY) – Rose toner, Apple cider Vinegar & Green Tea toner.
  4. Moisturiser : Many consider moisturising only during winter when the skin tends to dry a lot. Skin needs to be moisturised all the time.drew-coffman-182525 In summer you can opt for lighter ones. Moisturisers that include cucumber or aloe vera are quite preferable.
  5. Sunscreen : Don’t step out with out applying a sunscreen. Even if you are home all day apply it, make it a habit to apply sunscreen not only during summers but throughout the year. Apply a sunscreen on all the exposed parts of the body.  Choosing a right sunscreen is another important step. Make sure its more than spf 30 as it can give your skin higher protection. My favourite is Avene sunscreen with spf 50+ .
  6. Face mist : Face mist is a must have in your bag during summer. Due to the sweat or heat we tend to wash our face often so to avoid it use a face mist of aloe or cucumber will give a soothing sensation and make you feel fresh. Wipe off the sweat with a tissue & spray some mist and look fresh instantly 🙂
  7. Aloe Mask : Everyday or every alternative day apply aloe vera gel mask for 10 -15 minutes to sooth, minimise the damage caused by sun and relax your skin.
  8. Serum : A serum during your night care routine is beneficial. Vitamin C  & Vitamin E serum helps to even the skin tone, reduce blemishes, dark spots & hydrates it too.
  9. Cooling pads : sunglasses-635269_1920Cooling serum or refresh pads for eyes. Eye area suffers a lot due to sun. Opt for nice cooling pads, green tea or coffee pads can help to heal the damage. The  are also relaxing. Apply them on eyes and keep it for 15-20 mins.
  10. Lips : Protect your lips from the  UV rays. Apply a sunscreen on lips too. Hydrate it with a nice moisturiser / lip balm.  Scrub off the dead, chapped lips on regular basis. Yes, lips do crack in summer too. So take extra care as they do the talking for us!!
  11. Sunglasses : Sunglasses make you look good.. stylish but the primary function is to protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays. Make sure it protects you from UV Rays & are covered from the sides.

So these were the DAILY summer skin care tips, stay tuned for weekly & monthly summer routine.
Follow these essentials steps and enjoy your summer!! 

Share it with your closed ones  &  let me know your skin care essentials during summer in the comments below..

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Invest in your skin today to get compliments tomorrow!!


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