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Pre & Post Skin & Hair Hacks for Holi (Indian Festival of colours)

Holi hai bhai holi hai!!!

Happy Holi Readers!!

Holi is on its way.. though its one of my favourite festival, the after effects of Holi is horrible. My ears look all pinky, my nails have a mix of green and black, pink/ red patches on scalps, nose and all over my body. Even makeup fails in covering them.So its like you lock up yourself in a room or go out with a colourful you 😛

But not this year as I have supa easy & effective tips for your skin & hair. Save them from damage this year…woah

So here you go..

Skin Care :

  1. Body : Hydrate yourself. Make sure you drink lot of water to keep your skin away from drying. Dehydration causes dryness and its easy for colours to seep inside your skin.
  2. Eyes : Avoid using lenses and glasses while playing holi. People tend to surprise you by applying before you realise.  So better remove your lenses to save it from damage. Glasses won’t let you enjoy rain dance and they do catch colours on the edges. But use the glasses if you can’t do without it.
  3. Ears : To save your ears from turning into a pinky bear apply a thick layer of vaseline petroleum gel in and around your ears. Not deep inside your ears, be careful.
  4. Face : Oil your face properly 20-30 mins before stepping out. Recommended oils – Coconut, olive or baby oil. You can even add aloe vera gel to the oil and massage. Apply it all over your body to help the colours slide off easily. Apply waterproof sunscreen lotion on all the exposed parts of the body to protect from tanning.
  5. Nails : Like ears nails also tend attract stubborn colours on them. Oil them properly. and 5 mins before leaving apply petroleum gel in and around your nails. Also apply 2-3 coats of a dark shade of nail paint.
  6. Lips: Apply a heavy layer of coconut or olive oil on your lips as you wake up. Let it soak in completely. 5- 10 mins before leaving apply a lip moisturiser / lip balm and you are all set.

Hair Care:

  1. Hair : Oil your hair properly specially the roots / scalp 20 mins before leaving for holi celebration.  Apply aloe vera gel on the ends of your hair.
  2. Hairstyle : Open hair locks colour in them. So this year after oiling opt for a nice braid instead of a pony on open hair. My favourite is a crown braid or a fish tail braid. It will look amazing and won’t expose your hair much.
  3. Hair Cut : If you have split ends, then it is recommended to cut them off before holi to prevent them from more damage.

All set to play Holi… Few more tips for your after holi process

  1. Instead of washing off with water, take a mixture of oil & lemon and gently massage in on to your face and skin. After few mins, wipe it with an old towel or tissue.
  2. For the stubborn colours on your skin, take a mixture of gram flour (besan), curd & lemon, mix them properly add apply it. Let it sit for a while (10 mins) and wash it water.
  3. To remove the colour from your hair, mix oil, aloe vera gel and lemon. Apply in on your hair. Let it set for 30 mins and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo. after rinsing, while the hair is still damp apply a small amount of aloe vera gel on to your hair for damage recovery.
  4. Don’t be harsh on skin and scrub it badly & avoid using soap.

Do these pre & post Holi hacks to protect your skin & hair from damage & enjoy your Holi guys!!

If you like these tips do not forget to share… Sharing is caring!! and if you have few more tips pls let me know in the comments below.

Invest in your Skin & Hair today to get compliments tomorrow!!




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