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Mentholatum Sunplay spf 80 pa+++ UV Body Mist – Product Review

Sunscreen is a must whether it is summer,winter or spring. Yes, sunscreens are not only meant for summer season. Though almost 80% people are aware of it, they skip this step.

Summer here in India is like 44°c sometimes so you can guess the heat. A sunscreen is a must. Even if you are home you need to apply a sunscreen of min SPF 30. If its summer and you are out in the hot sun or even inside your luxurious car you need SPF 50+ to protect your skin from harmful rays. wp-1489441518054.jpg

After trying out lot of sunscreen products, I came across this one.. Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV body mist spray. Straight to the review-

Product packaging : 

Packed in an orange colour metal spray bottle with a transparent cap. The bright orange gives it a nice fresh look. The cap being quite tight is less likely to get lost. Even after falling 2-3 times from my self, there was no breakage or dents. A gentle press and the spray is ready to use.

Product claims:

  1. New solarex 3 technology provides an unique defence system.
  2. High SPF 80 PA+++, broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection.
  3. Water proof & sweat proof. wp-1489441518056.jpg
  4. Enhance skin health & prevent premature ageing.
  5. Long lasting cooling sensation and non greasy.

Price : 

Rs. 837. 50 for 150ml

My experience: 

My first impression was it has a fresh look. The bright colour made it look good and refreshing. Light in weight so travel friendly. The cap was tight enough so no issues of leakage or misplacing the cap.

The best part of Sunplay spray is that it is easy to apply. Just spray it and you are don’t need to ask for help. It quickly gets absorbed, no need of massage hence saves my time. For face application, I spray a bit on my palms and dab it on my skin ( being careful about my eye area). On spraying, a thin layer of mist comes out…without any blotches. Unlike other sunscreens, no white patches 😀 and no massaging till it absorbs. wp-1489441518058.jpg

It stands up to the claim of being non greasy & non sticky. It quickly absorbs giving my skin a nice moisturised feeling. Earlier while using sunscreen lotion, at times I used to experience a flaky skin on applying makeup but this product have saved my time of re applying moisturiser.

On application it gives a nice cooling sensation. Also stands by its claim of being sweat proof. It claims to be water proof too but I still re apply after pool session.

I’m very choosy about fragrance but this has a nice floral smell which is not strong enough so people like me who are allergic to strong smells can also use it.

Sunplay spf 80 PA+++ gives ultimate protection. PA+++ is the maximum protection a sunscreen can give. Still I prefer to apply my sun screen after every 4 hours.

Pros & Cons of Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV body mist :

Pros :

  1. Sweat proof
  2. Non greasy & non stickywp-1489441518057.jpg
  3. Fragrance
  4. UVA & UVB protection
  5. Cooling sensation
  6. Little goes a long way


  1. As it is a spray bottle, chances of wastage while spraying is possible.
  2. Little on the expensive side.

Mentholatum Sunplay 80 PA+++ UV body mist is definitely one of my favourite sunscreen product. A summer season must!!

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