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New Lip Love – Nykaa Paintstix Peaches n Cream!!

Hello makeup lovers!!

Its no longer a secret that I love lipsticks and love trying out new products.. Though I try out almost all the lip products, I’m very particular as to whats goes in my bag. So when Nykaa launched its new Paintstix range, I had to try it.

And finally, I have my hands on this Paintstix range from Nykaa!! Nykaa has been launching wide range of lip sticks (specially soft Matte ❤ ) and many of them have been in my favorite list. Today I’m gonna review about one of my favorite among the 12 Nykaa Paintstix collection.

Product : Nykaa Paintstix Peaches n Cream 04 


Product Packaging : A nice black body and color coded matte outer cover.  I did drop it once (not purposely for sure) but the product was intact. No damage at all (that doesn’t mean you drop it). Its easy to hold and has a classy look that makes me give it a 4.5 / 5.

Product claims : 

  • Extreme color intensity
  • Soft Matte Finish beautyplus_20170320133654_fast.jpg
  • One stroke application
  • Long wearing
  • Consists of Vit E & nutrient infused butter
  • Glides on effortlessly
  • Bold range of shades

Product Price : INR 425 Quite cheap according to the claims and other similar products.


My experience with Nykaa Paintstix Peaches n Cream :

Summer is on its way and so I was looking for a shade that is bold, matte yet soft in color. And this new Peaches n Cream is exactly what I was looking for. My lips are loving the peachy pigmentation with a soft matte finish. As it claims, it easily glides on your lips. A creamy texture that is perfect for a everyday look. I didn’t have to stroke it twice. It was like one stroke and then just a filling. The best part is this one – one & half stroke lasted even after my meals..whats else do you want?  Paintstix has a flat surface and not a pointed one which can be a issue for some but I like it flat too 🙂 In lot of my beauty DIYs I have suggested castor oil for lips & this product has it, which makes me more attracted towards it. While applying & playing around with it, I couldn’t resist the creamy fragrance and I so wanted to eat it (I controlled myself). Yes, it stands by all its claim and is going to be my everyday go to lipstick.


The only con I came across was the product name is mentioned only on the outer cover and not on the product which makes it bit tricky to select the color. The product has numbers on it to differentiate it and its a task to remember them by number.

So this was all about Peaches n Cream.. more reviews on its way. If you have tried this or other shades from Paintstix collection let me know your feedback in the comment section..

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