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Flaunt your locks with these 15 amazing summer hair care tips!!

Bonjour !!

Yes, I’m obsessed with summer right now!!  Summer has always been special for me and I love everything about it (Except the sweat 😛 ) Its the best time to look perfect, let your hair loose, flaunt it, style it.. I just can’t wait for the beach locks!!

Wait.. are you worried about the sun, heat and humidity?  Chillax gals.. I’m gonna spill out few summer hair care tips that will get you summer ready haiRRR!!!

  1. Stay Hydrated : Yes, no matter what the season is drink water and keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water will keep your skin  and scalp hydrated. Infused water is also a very good option to keep your scalp and skin moisturized. 
  2. Dress it up :  Direct sun rays is harmful not only for your skin but your hair too. So style it up with a beautiful hat or a cool spring feel scarf. This will protect your hair from direct UV rays and make you look stylist too. While using a scarf make sure its a cotton one so that your hair can breath. Select a stylish but a hat with tiny holes to let air in and out and keep you sweat free.
  3. Try different hairstyles : This summer opt for open hair and not usual buns. Buns are just too awesome but it tends to make your hair sweaty. Braids are lovely, aren’t they? Try on different half braids or even half loose buns look cool. Show off your locks.. wave them and enjoy your summer.
  4.  Make friends with oil : Champi (hair massage) is the best thing.. Mix your favorite hair oils and massage them into your hair at least twice a week. Don’t be harsh.. gently run your oily hands from roots to tip and nourish it.
  5. Avoid washy washy : Hair can get bit messy and sweaty in summer. Not just that, it gets itchy too and due to the heat, a hair wash might sounds so refreshing but its a big NO! Have a hair wash only twice or thrice a week. Daily wash will strip of the essential oils which is required to keep it moisturized.
  6. Say NO to hair dry & heat : Be friends with air and not hair dryers. Let your hair open and air dry  it. Keep it away from heat as much as possible and let it breath.
  7. Spray it : Whenever you feel hair is getting dry and it needs bit refreshment spray a mixture of aloe vera gel, avocado oil & water in 4:1:2 ratio. Store it in a travel size bottle and carry it in your bag.
  8. Time to change your shampoo : Get a mild shampoo with as much as natural ingredients in it. Shampoo with SPF is a bonus. My summer favourite is Patanjali Aloe vera shampoo. (Review on its way)
  9. Get a apple cider vinegar wash : After shampoo condition it properly or just rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar mixed with water in 2:1 ratio. Let it set for 15 mins and wash it properly. This will keep your scalp clean and reverse off all the chemical actions.
  10. Hit the pool : Beat the heat with a dip in the pool or beach. Before that make sure you wet your hair properly so that chlorine doesn’t get absorbed and affect your hair much. 
  11. Pamper it : Apply a hair mask once a week to deep condition it.
  12. Wide tooth comb : Use a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage. Handle those untangled hair with care.
  13. Sunscreen hack : After applying sunscreen on your body, run your hand through your hair and keep it protected.
  14. Healthy eating : For a healthy skin or hair it is necessary to take care of it from inside out. Eat healthy stay healthy. Eat your veggies & fruits, it will keep your hair nourished.
  15. Watch on split ends : Summer is the time when your hair gets dry, becomes rough and split ends at its peak. To avoid it, trim your hair and your will thank you.

These are some simply amazing summer hair care tips… if you any more tip to add on please let me know in the comments below and if you find these useful do like & share it with your friends 🙂

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Invest in your hair today to get compliments tomorrow!!




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