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Its Your World Too – Basic Skincare for Men

Hello Amazing People!!

I post Beauty hacks , makeup tips or products I love & food posts on Instagram on daily basis. Recently one of my male friend asked me why I don’t post beauty stuffs for Men and that made me think…think think & think. So this post is specially for my male friends and girls reading this make your husbands, boyfriends, friends & brothers read this.

Men (specially the ones I know) are not into skincare.. they consider it as a girly stuff. Of course, I don’t expect them to dab makeup & walk around (Well, no harm in doing it) but taking care of your skin, the scars or blemishes or just pampering yourself is not wrong. Beauty or skin care is not gender based.

Taking care of yourself means you value yourself. Skin is the largest organ of our body and pampering it is just a way to say that you love it.

Heading straight to the skin care routine that I think Men should follow & not shy away from


 Use a Face wash 

So washing your face is a must. Wash it twice a day (not more than that) with a face wash. There are so many Men’s face wash but still guys find it embarrassing to buy it or they don’t find it important enough and use the one that is available at home.Why? Your skin is hard and thick compared to a woman. Instead of making an excuse or saying just thought of giving it a try say it loud that you want to take care of your face. Know your skin type and get one face wash NOW!

Moisturise those dry and itchy skin

Recently it was winter and I saw many of them with dry skin but they walked with it for 3 long months coz using a moisturiser is so not cool for a guy. Seriously?  Hydrating your skin is essential not just when you have supa dry skin, white patches or feel itchy due to dryness but moisturise it on regular basis.

After bath few drops of moisturiser all over your body will keep it hydrated and young for a longer time. Feel young look young. Buy a moisturiser according to your skin type and moisturise it even during summer.

Sunscreen is essential 

Men specially the ones who work on field do need to apply a sunscreen. And even if you are not on field you should. A spf 30 is ideal for daily basis. It will protect you from UV Rays and keep your skin look young in the long run.

Imagine the rays hitting your skin & damaging them while playing your favourite sport

Buy a shampoo & conditioner according to your hair type 

Every one has a different type of hair and taking care of it according to your hair type is necessary. So if you have dry hair buy a shampoo appropriate for it and don’t just use the one at your parents home or what your girlfriend uses. Also use a conditioner every time you shampoo. A conditioner makes your hair soft and healthy. Take some time out and figure out your hair problems and buy a shampoo & conditioner according to it.

Oiling helps to keep greys away 

An oil champi for 30 mins before head bath twice a week is one of the best ways to keep greys away. Though there are many reasons for premature greying, oiling helps to delay it a bit. There are various oils for hair care. Select one or just mix few of them together and experiment.

Style your Hair

If you love nice straight stylish hair and use hair gels for it then here’s a tip for you.  Use hair gels without alcohol and opt for products that contains waxes and matte finish pomades. Hair gels that contains alcohol might give you hard spiky look but will harm your hair making it rough whereas waxes if used in a moderate quantity can help your hair look healthy without damaging it much.

Think about your skin & act accordingly

Take care of your eyes

First signs of ageing starts with eye area. Guys, women love looking into their man’s eye while he talks so make sure you keep them healthy & beautiful enough. Under eye cream will keep the dark circles, baggy eyes and wrinkles away. Just a dab before you kiss your bed is all you need. Be gentle while applying the cream.

Ex – foliate is the key

Do you feel a layer of dead cells on your skin? Now don’t just feel it.. do something about it. Well, now if you are  gonna say that you have a face almost covered with beard then wait, I’m not just talking about your face but your skin… your whole body. Exfoliate it once in a while. The dead skin layer needs to  removed and a good exfoliater will help you get rid of it.

Cracked lips is a turn off

Guys with soft healthy and naturally pink lips are attractive. But unfortunately due to smoking, alcohol, sunburns and ageing lips do turn dark and worst they crack during cold & dry seasons. Apply a clear lip balm or coconut oil during night for soft and crack free lips. Also exfoliate your lips 2x a week. Just run your brush over your lips after brushing to remove the dead skin.

Cracked lips is a big NOOO!

So here are few essential skin care for Men. Now that you know, just stop ignoring your skin, stop thinking about what others will think and pamper your skin. 

Drop in your queries regarding product suggestions or for DIY treatments  on my Instagram

Invest in your skin today to get compliments tomorrow!!


8 thoughts on “Its Your World Too – Basic Skincare for Men

  1. sunscreen, something I only used when going to the beach and only learned recently, thanks to someone reminding me that I should be wearing one all the time, especially during sunny days.

    I’d also like to recommend a few skin care products for men since you mentioned to use products designed and formulated for men and maybe there are also other blokes out there who might stumble upon this article like me.

    For hair I use Go 247 Hair Shampoo for Men, for shaving I used a shaving cream that works as pre/post shaving essential called Proraso Pre/After Shave Cream Jar and Hunter Lab Daily Face Fuel to keep my face moisturize and prevent skin irritation.

    I usually buy items over the counter but recently I’m into online shopping and the mentioned product above can be bought here:

    Hope this helps other guys out there.


    1. Cleansing ones face is a must as our skin comes in contact with pollution, dust , dirt, oil & bacteria on daily basis & only water is not enough to get rid of it. Hope you send this message across. 🙂


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