Awesome Blogger Award!!!

Hola Awesome People!! The Awesome Blogger Award is here and guess what Azra thinks I deserve it ­čśÇ Feeling amazing… feeling honoured ..Yooo!! Well guys you should check out her blog Simple Serenity, you will like it and Instagram page is worth following too. Being nominated by such a lovely blogger is what making me… Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award!!!


My First Liebster Award!!

Hola & Happy Women’s Day!! This women’s day is turning into a special one… I might be an aunt soon (sis going through pain and I’m happy about it ­čśő) and got nominated for Liebster Award. All thanks to the lovely & pretty lady Oriana. Oriana’s Notes, after going through her posts, I have literally… Continue reading My First Liebster Award!!

Daily Prompt · Life

Don’t DOUBT go RED!!

via Daily Prompt: Doubt Now this is a piece of advice that I have learnt in life… Whenever in doubt choose RED. Whether it is about choosing your lip shade or a dress colour- Go red. Red is meant to do the magic no matter what the occasion is. This go red formula is not… Continue reading Don’t DOUBT go RED!!

Health · Life

15 Ways To De stress Your Body and Mind

STRESS – We all have been through it . Mild, moderate and largeee amount of it, different stages, different reasons and different levels but we all have experienced it. This is quite funny that now a days 11 year old kids update their status ‘Stressed’, ‘broken’ etc.. But yes, they must stressed about studies… (I… Continue reading 15 Ways To De stress Your Body and Mind


 Breaking the wall

Hola amazing people!! How many of you have a relationship with yourself? How many of you love yourself? Did you dare to do something you think you can’t coz people actually injected in you that its not your cup of tea? Think about it! Ahhh!! I recently asked myself these questions. Thank god I did.… Continue reading ┬áBreaking the wall