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How To Determine Your Face Shape

Hello amazing people!!

My last week Instagram  beauty hacks were all about how to use blush for your face type. To my surprise I got lot of Dm’s and comments regarding how to know your face shape.. well I have been in that situation. During college days, when I used to go for haircuts, my hairstylist used to say ‘ No this won’t suit your face type’ and I used to just nod & talk to myself “what exactly is my face type & what will actually suit me?”

Finally I have an answer to that question, now I know my face type & today I’m gonna help you determine your face shape.

Get your measuring tapes, mirror  & paper ready. Make sure you are using a tape & not scale or any stiff measuring instrument.

Take the following measures in inches or centimeters while looking into the mirror.

  • Face length : Look into the mirror. Measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.
  • Forehead : Note down the measurement from arch of one eyebrow (peak of the arch) to the arch of other eyebrow. Peak of the arch is considered to be the widest part of forehead.
  • Jawline : From the tip of your chin take upwards towards the widest part of your jawline. Widest part is usually an inch below your ears. Measure it and multiply it by 2.
  • Cheekbones : Measure the starting and ending of the sharp bump that is just below the outer corner of eyes.

Done with the measuring part now lets see what the measurements has to say!!

Source : Pinterest
  • Heart : If you have wide forehead and pointed chin then you have a heart shape face. It is almost like an upside down triangle.
  • Oval : Forehead would be larger than jawline and face length would be larger than the width of the cheekbones. A softer chin and more curves on the sides  then you have an oval face shape.
  • Square : Almost all the measurements are more or less similar. The jawline is angled with a slight curve.
  • Round : The cheekbones and face length have a similar measurement. They are larger than forehead and jawline. It is more like a square face but with softer chin and curves instead of straight.
  • Oblong : The length of the face is the largest. The forehead, cheekbones & jawline are of similar measurement but with a curvy chin.
  • Diamond : The face length is largest. Pointed chin and high cheekbones with smallest jawline.

Hopefully, now you know your face shape. Still have any doubts or just wanna know what I’m upto head over to my Instagram

Invest in your skin today to get compliments tomorrow!!









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